Trolling for Salmon in British Columbia

The Gulf Trollers Association is an industry organization of independent owner/operators of troll fishing vessels, engaged in the commercial salmon fishery on the West Coast of Canada.

Our members ply the waters of the Gulf of Georgia and Johnstone Straits, between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland in pursuit of Wild Pacific Salmon.

Trolling is a net free method of commercial fishing, which uses individual hooks and lines to harvest salmon. The salmon are caught and handled individually in order to produce the highest quality and most valuable wild salmon available to the consumer.

Troll caught wild salmon are sought after by the top restaurants in Japan, Europe, and the United States, bringing in much valued foreign currency to the economy of BC and Canada. Wild salmon is additive free and is expanding its place in the market, as consumers become more health conscious and informed about the benefits of wild salmon.

Courtesy BC Salmon Marketing Council

Trolling is the slowest and most selective method of harvesting salmon. Using current best practices, including barbless hooks and revival tanks, trolling is an environmentally responsible way of salmon fishing. Salmon trolling is a sustainable activity harvesting a renewable resource, and trollers are an important part of British Columbia's coastal communities, supporting community events, salmon enhancement and environmental issues.


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Associate Members

Organic Ocean Seafood Inc

Aero Trading Co Ltd

Albion Fisheries Ltd

French Creek Seafood Ltd

Walcan Seafood Ltd

Hub City Fisheries Ltd