The Gulf Trollers Association wants to expand our test vessel database. In most years the GTA conducts studies to further our knowledge and help keep the Area H fleet on the water. If you are interested in being one of these vessels please complete the following form and fax it to us at 250.338.5325.

Also please indicate your preference for the species and the times you will be available. We plan to categorize all applicants by preference, then have a random draw and number them in order. We will then ask the top contender if they would like to participate in whatever project we have at the time. Vessels selected from the top of the list will go to the bottom of the list, and the next person in line will get a chance.

This will ensure that all those interested in test fishing projects are given an equal chance to participate.

Name _______________________________________________________
Phone _______________________ Fax _________________________
Email _______________________________________________________
Boat Name _______________________________________________________

Home Port

Length ______________________ Boat Type    Ice    Freezer
Species    Chinook    Coho    Sockeye    Pink    Chum
Time of Year    Spring    Summer    Fall    Winter

Fax your completed form to 250.338.5325