GTA Test Fishing Policy


At the February board meeting, the directors of the GTA made substantial changes to our test fishing policy. The intent is to ensure the application of this policy is fair and transparent to all participants.


The general criteria to be eligible for the Test Fishing Rotation Board are:



Objectives of testing:


There are two basic types of test fishing. Those that have the ‘potential’ for presenting a good financial return to the test vessel (such as sockeye abundance/bite/by-catch testing in our regularly fished areas) and those that have an unknown financial return (such as scientific, new fisheries, mortality etc.) The GTA board will define the category of any particular fishery.


The payment for Test Fishing where catch is retained and sold will be $350 per day plus a percentage of the particular species pool (note: Test Fishermen will receive a minimum payment of $500day). One day’s travel allowance may be paid.


The payment for Test Fishing where there is no retention of catch will be $500 per day. One day’s travel allowance may be paid.


At the director’s discretion, they may choose another test fishing applicant who is located closer to the designated fishing area and does not require the travel day allowance. All retention fisheries have a $2000.00 cap per vessel for each species. Any pool excesses will be turned over to the GTA.